Market Analysis

Mcottley Properties

McOttley Properties Limited was established to provide comparative alternatives in the Ghanaian properties management and real estate industry.

The fast-changing real estate industry in Ghana with its huge housing deficit is seen as the most lucrative form of investment though capital intensive.

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Property Valuation

Valuation of property is essential to every individual or organization most especially when assets are to be liquidated....

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Property Management and Development

Maintenance is fundamental if the long term value of an asset has to withstand depreciation or if the asset has to appreciate. ...

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Mortgage Financing

Why struggle to buy a house when McOttley Properties Limited presents to you a hustle free way to finance your home and be a Landlord within few years?...

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Featured Properties

Shai-Hills Township

  Location:Shai Hills

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The Burgundy Hills Project

  Location: Ningo Pram

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Sampah Valley Project

  Location: Sampa

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